Yammer Guide

This is from my assignment (client) for the most recent project I have done (completing responsive HTML5 interactive online guide for Microsoft Yammer with animation and video):

“And I’m glad you were able to get a nap in there, apologies the last 48 hours have been so grueling.

 We did receive a very nice note from the client thanking everyone for the overnight/all day effort, please know your work is 100% of that! ☺”

And later from the recruiter for the same assignment:

Recruiter: I also want to relay some feedback that we received from your assignment about you and, I have to say, I've never read such glowing, positive reviews about one of my billing talent:

"I just wanted to let you know that Jim has been so wonderful on this project for us. The client turnaround time on changes and updates have been incredibly grueling within the last 48 hours, and Jim has handled it with tact and a level of professionalism that is oftentimes lost with others. The client successfully launched their campaign yesterday with Jim’s piece being at the center of it. Thank you again – we are nearly at the finish line here (a few final tweaks), I would happily recommend and/or engage with him for further Hype (and other projects). He has been great."

Recruiter: I feel very lucky that I get to represent you and really appreciate how great you've been on this project. I look forward to getting you some more great gigs like this one.

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Sears Holdings

from LinkedIn

Phuong La, Learning and Development Talent Management Leadership: I believe that Jim will be an ideal graphic/multimedia designer for any organization given his excellent eye for design along with a solid work ethic. During the two years I’ve worked with him, he’s always been resourceful, reliable and professional. I can always count on Jim to produce creative, top-notch, user-friendly work at a super fast speed. I know that he will be asset wherever he goes.

Rafeh Masood, Vice President, Retail and Technology: Jim is a creative genius who never shies away from a challenge. He is dependable and a guy you can always count on. I am glad that our paths crossed. He will always be someone that I will hold in high regard and hope that our paths cross once again!.

George Romagosa, Manager for Member Services Learning and Performance: Jim is one of those rare individuals with elite creative skills combined with the consistency and work habits that come from years of experience. Jim not only executed swiftly but provided me with a number of different technical approaches that helped our team create the best possible eLearning and other learning tools.

Aris Kapsopoulos, Manager Store Process: I have had the pleasure of working with Jim on multiple projects at Sears Holdings and one personal project of my own. Jim is highly creative and can pull together a project in incredible time with amazing results. Jim worked on a number of info-graphic posters for me. All he needed was the basic scope of what I was trying to convey. With no other direction, Jim came up with interesting and creative ways to tell the story in the infographic. Incredible design and easy to follow flow path made every one of these a success. I also had a personal project that Jim worked on for my church for a fundraiser. I needed a flyer to promote the event. Jim came back with a work of art that was light years ahead of what was done for the prior year’s flyer by another agency. I received nothing but compliments on the event flyer from individuals from my church. On top of Jim's talents, he is a very personable person with a positive “can do it” attitude. Jim delivers results. Jim would be a fantastic asset to any team, guaranteed.

Ina Whitehead, Senior Instructional Designer: Jim is second to none when it comes to developing multimedia, animation, apps, and other products that demonstrate his vast knowledge of graphic design and technology. Clients regularly utilize his expertise due to his ability to take complex materials and transform them into designs, animations, and videos that are visually appealing, engaging, and informative. In addition, he is also an outstanding 3D and 2D photographer. Jim is very personable, organized, focused, and intent on pleasing clients. I highly recommend him for any multimedia project!

British Petroleum

from LinkedIn

Rafique Khan, Project Consultant and Lead Architect at Analysts International: I have had the pleasure of working with Jim Arthur as his technical project manager for six years to develop and enhance a web based system. The system is responsible for assisting plan sponsors to administer benefit plans (pension, 401K etc.) at BP. Jim Arthur was responsible for creating the user interfaces for this complicated product that includes functionalities ranging from Investment Analytics, Data Processing, Operations & Governance management, Document & Process Management and a Site Administration tool. He has created numerous wizard based interfaces to allow business users to administer all aspects of the site. The intuitive and user friendly nature of these interfaces successfully allowed business users to execute complicated investment analytics, create various reports for various oversight committees as well as administer and monitor complicated data models. Jim understands the culture of the organization and is a wonderful team player. His designs are very creative yet conform to the brand of the organization. I wish him all the best and would love to work with him again in any future opportunities.

Hrach Alexanian CFA, Senior Vice President at Mesirow Financial formerly BP technology manager: I hired Jim for a web interface project nearly 10 years ago. He showed great versatility with an ability to work on a variety of media. As a result, he was tapped by others in the group for things such as designing reports and preparing PowerPoint presentations. Jim stays abreast of developments in graphic design software as well as best practices for look and feel. He understands the user experience and is very creative. Jim is easy to get along with and has a high level of integrity. Anyone working with Jim will have a positive experience.

Arun Chawra, Analytics, Insights, Visualization and Entrepreneur: I had the privilege of working with Jim. He is creative, resourceful, highly organized, goal oriented, independent and hardworking professional always ready to put all his energy and stamina to get the job done. He would be an asset to any team.

Anand Pradeep Akula, Architect at Analysts: I had the opportunity of working with Jim Arthur as a Programmer Analyst in the same team for at least 3 - 4 years when he was an Interface Designer. At this Position he was responsible for Creating the User Interface for a web based Application. His designs are so user friendly with a uniform flow through out the Application. Always maintained attention to the details. He created various interfaces be it Wizards or Dashboards or Reports etc. No doubt he is very creative with his work being an Interface Designer. He can be a valuable player for any team and I would not hesitate to work him again.

Bruce Nemecek, Investment Manager: Jim worked on BP's internal financial system, developing graphics for a smooth user experience. His ideas were creative and effective in developing the user interface for our system.


from LinkedIn

Daniel Malee, Lead Principal Technical Architect at AT&T: Jim worked for me from October 2004 until February 2005 on a critical internal Information Technology project. This project was a comprehensive demonstration of a $1.5 billion systems improvement portfolio. The goal of the project was to give executive management a preview of what the end product would look like, with the goal of identifying solution gaps and deployment issues. The project was complex because it included demonstrating over 12 different IT applications that were in differing stages of completion, some mature products; some non-existent. Jim was responsible for taking these different systems and integrating them into a comprehensive, consistent demo. This included creating mock screens where necessary, enhancing existing application screens, and calling out specific application functionality. Jim proved to be an invaluable resource on the project. He is a diligent self-starter that was not only able to recommend creative solutions, but he was able to implement them as well. Jim took real ownership of the tasks he was given and delivered beyond expectations. For example, the software demonstration needed to show how the different applications would share data with each other. Going from one application to another and pointing out where data had been shared was not proving effective. Jim recommended a Flash transition that graphically called out the data being shared by the applications. After recommending, Jim created the Flash transitions that added needed life to the demo and proved to be very informative as well. The final demonstration was a huge success and successfully showed what the “end-state” of the systems would be like eventually. I would highly recommend Jim as a valuable addition to any team.

Web site

from LinkedIn

Anne Colton, Documentary Filmmaker: Jim developed a website for my political campaign 5 years ago, and he did an amazing job. He hit every deadline, he exceeded expectations, and he brought a sense of style and professionalism to my communications. After my victory, many people cited my website as a big reason why they voted for me. I would hire him again in a heartbeat.

Punxsutawney Phil web site featured on the NBC Today show

I just wanted to say "Great Job".  This is one of the most enjoyable Web sites I've been to.  Great use of QuickTime VR!  Have you told Apple?  I'm sure they'd put a link to this page if they knew about all the great stuff you've put here. Thanks for a great site.
-Greg Meece Software Engineer - Macintosh Quality Assurance PC DOCS, Inc.

I just want to tell you and your staff what a great job you have done.  I have demonstrated it three different places and so far the response has been overwhelming.  I have really enjoyed going through the site.  I would just like to add that in all the pages that I have come upon this has to be one of the nicest on the net.  Once again I would just like to thank you for all the hard work and let you know you did "Phil" and the town of Punxsutawney proud. -Kurtis T. Davis Owner Davis' Computing